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Ceiling fan CasaFan 518082 ECO ELEMENTS 180 white or light gray / chrome

Ceiling fan CasaFan 518082 ECO ELEMENTS 180 white or light gray / chrome
Ceiling fan CasaFan 518082 ECO ELEMENTS 180 white or light gray / chrome
Ceiling fan CasaFan 518082 ECO ELEMENTS 180 white or light gray / chrome

Ceiling fan CasaFan 518082 ECO ELEMENTS 180 white or light gray / chrome

Characteristics of domestic fan 518082. The ceiling fan 518082 Eco Elements has a diameter of 180 cm. To drive and change gears.

It includes a remote control, it is also allows to control the switching on and off of the light, on the models with lamp. Have 5 reversible blades of white or light gray. These ceiling fans are suitable for environments or offices with a size from 17.6 m2 and from a height of 2.4 m - 2.8 m. Can be installed without bars being left alone 22.5 cm of the roof. The domestic fan has 6 speeds : max.

162 rpm to a power that goes from 5 W to 24 W. The DC DC motor makes these ceiling fans generate a saving in electricity consumption, they are lighter, ultra silent and have a longer useful life. Optionally you can request the factory installation of a light kit you can see the kits available in the.

The reverse technology allows cooling in summer and helps the heating of the room in winter (sending the hot air accumulated in the upper part of the room down). The ceiling fan 518082 Eco Elements by CasaFan has the function "slow motion" It generates a gentle breeze at night without disturbing you while resting. All Casafan fans have thermal overload protection, unlike most fans on the market.

This protection shuts off the motor if it overheats due to external factors, and prevents burning. After lowering the temperature, the motor restarts.

Properties of ceiling fan with light CasaFan 518082. Install your ceiling fan correctly modifying the height of the bar without losing the guarantee.

(Consult us availability according to the model of ceiling fan). The ceiling fans for safety must be at a height above the ground 2.20 m; in most of the equipment, if the distance of the blades and the ground exceeds 3m it will lose effectiveness. Look at this blog with a video of "do it yourself".

False ceiling you can implement this support. Color of the repellable blades: white or light gray. Summer / winter function: Yes. Installation on a sloping roof: Yes.

5 W - 24 W. Type of motor: Direct current (DC). CasaFan, a German company, has been in the market for more than 30 years with the manufacture of air conditioners, specialized in ceiling fans, heaters and dehumidifiers.

In the case of ceiling fans, the heart is the motor and the materials used in the core and the coils affect the operation and the power consumption of the motor. The new models of ceiling fans "Eco".

That only consume between 23 W and 31 W and include led light, are able to handle the air and have the same effectiveness as conventional fans, while using only 1/3 of the energy. How is it possible for a ceiling fan to heat the house?

In a room with heating and without movement, the air forms a thermal layer. The coldest air is kept close to the ground, while the hot air is lighter and rises by heating the roof.

Therefore, on a high floor the temperature of the upper surface is warmer than the floor of the room and the area near it. In the winter the ceiling fans they turn slowly in a clockwise direction. This leads to the entry of cold air rises. Then and simultaneously the hot air slides along the walls to the ground.

With this slow circulation when mixing air differences and temperature is equalized throughout the room without having unpleasant drafts. This allows you to adjust the heating instead of 24 ° C to only 18 ° C, saving up to 20% in heating costs.

How does the ceiling fan cool the house? The ceiling fans through the air currents affect the perception of heat and cold, so in summer it is not so necessary to cool the air and yet, at temperatures of 25 ° C or even 27 ° C have the same feeling as at 22 ° C without the ceiling fan. This way you can save a lot of energy and up to 40% of your electricity bill.

The ceiling fan at full speed consumes less energy than a 100watt bulb. Many people prefer the ceiling fan Provides a comforting and natural breeze, are more modern and recent than air conditioning.

Your safety is the priority of CasaFan. Even when working on new models they are fed by the experience gained in ceiling fans for more than 30 years. Many small details that improve the quality, durability and safety of the products are your standard daily goal.

That's why many CasaFan fans carry the GS-tested brand (Geprüfte Sicherheit). Only after many years, when a blade is bent or when the motor housing is dented, is the ideal time to contact the dealer, who has a service replacement parts. CasaFan guarantees the stock of each piece, from the switch to the motor, even for equipment 20 years ago.

Even after this, they have all the parts separately from the fan in stock. More about CasaFan in our Blog.

Quality and safety - Identical appearance = Identical quality?

Ceiling fan CasaFan 518082 ECO ELEMENTS 180 white or light gray / chrome