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Ceiling fan Vortice 61754 NORDIK EVOLUTION 120 metallic silver

Ceiling fan Vortice 61754 NORDIK EVOLUTION 120 metallic silver

Ceiling fan Vortice 61754 NORDIK EVOLUTION 120 metallic silver
Commercial ceiling fan Vortice 61754 Nordik Evolution SIL. Nordik Evolution - the current interpretation of the fresh air of vortex designers. The ceiling fans Nordik Evolution are ceiling fans of Italian design, simple and direct. They are very resistant models. They stand out for their great robuztez and hardness.

The light gray color is reinforced with. Thermoplastic resin (ABS) resistant to heat and UV rays. The blades, also light gray. They have polyester powder coating scratch resistant. Hidden in molded domes made of thermoplastic resin (PP) resistant to impacts and UV rays.

The fan can be installed in incliant ceilings, with a maximum inclination of 22º. It is between 24W and 70W. With a large air flow: 2.08 m / s. Up to a maximum of 16,586. The engine, on the other hand, is capable of reaching the 197 revolutions per minute. As regards sound, the maximum is located in. The diameter of the blades is 140cm. Although there are other models of greater or smaller size (from 92cm to 162cm in diameter) and different colors. It does not have drive. It can be additionally included a wall panel. It is worth noting that it has a winter function (winter mode), which saves heating in winter. Although it does not include light series, you can add light kits and extension bars (see catalog for more information). Properties of ceiling fan for commercial use Vortice 61754. The ceiling fans for safety must be at a height above the ground 2.20 m; in most of the equipment, if the distance of the blades and the ground exceeds 3m it will lose effectiveness. Look at this blog with a video of "do it yourself". False ceiling you can implement this support.

Parameters of the industrial ceiling fan. Color of the blades: metallic silver.

Light source (optional): A light kit can be installed. Drive mode alternative (optional): Remote control / wall regulator. Summer / winter function: Yes. Assembly without bars: Do not. Installation on a sloping roof.

Yes (maximum inclination angle 22 °). 24 W - 70 W. 16,586 m³ / hour. Noise level: 52.6 dB maximum. Choose the model that best suits your needs and tastes.

The Nordik Evolution ceiling fan is available in 4 sizes, and in 4 colors. All the models are shown in the following table. Ceiling fans for commercial use Vortice. Vortice has always taken into account the aesthetics of its products and that is why it has special importance and care in its designs. These are objects destined to share our space of life.

To be part of our lives. The goal of Vortice is to improve the quality of life of people, so it is essential that the products they manufacture are pleasing to the eye, as well as ergonomic and functional. How is it possible for a ceiling fan to save heating?

In a room with heating and without movement, the air forms a thermal layer. The coldest air is kept close to the ground, while the hot air is lighter and rises by heating the roof.

Therefore, on a high floor the temperature of the upper surface is warmer than the floor of the room and the area near it. In the winter the ceiling fans they turn slowly in a clockwise direction. This leads to the entry of cold air rises. Then and simultaneously the hot air slides along the walls to the ground. With this slow circulation when mixing air differences and temperature is equalized throughout the room without having unpleasant drafts.

This allows you to adjust the heating instead of 24 ° C to only 18 ° C, saving up to 20% in heating costs. How does the ceiling fan cool the rooms? The ceiling fans through the air currents affect the perception of heat and cold, so in summer it is not so necessary to cool the air and yet, at temperatures of 25 ° C or even 27 ° C have the same feeling as at 22 ° C without the ceiling fan. This way you can save a lot of energy and up to 40% of your electricity bill.

The ceiling fan at full speed consumes less energy than a 100watt bulb. Many people prefer the ceiling fan Provides a comforting and natural breeze, are more modern and recent than air conditioning. Attilio Pagani (1929 - 2010) starts working at the early age of sixteen, in Milan, in a small basement in Viale Montenero, where his father Ettore has a metallurgy business.

It is in this place where Attilio Pagani begins to produce ceramic tile panels for low cost kitchens and creates the first bell air extractor unit made of thermosetting resin, from which the company would take its name: Vortice. An innovative product, not only for the material used, but also for the purity of line and shape that would make it a "Compasso d'Oro", the oldest and most authoritative industrial design award in the world.

Ceiling fan Vortice 61754 NORDIK EVOLUTION 120 metallic silver